About Us

— 2019 to Present —

Since our restart of the show in 2019 Hawks Eye Guns has expanded a little since our inception. Both Sean and Bwana (Son and Father) have a passion for firearms of all shapes and sizes. In 2019 we’ve also added friend-of-the-show Jake (From State Farm) to the cast! Jake is cut from the same cloth as all of us gun lovers. His spare time and energy are spent in the pursuit of collecting and shooting guns and chatting about all things gun-related with Sean on the cast! We are so stoked to have Jake with us moving forward. 

— 2018 —

Sean O’Hara and The Bwana (his dad) form Hawk’s Eye Guns.

Both Sean and Bwana love to shoot for sport, collect, rescue, and repair guns. However, there are few places on the net that focus on these simple yet enjoyable things. This site and accompanying podcast were created in answer to combat the scarcity of the joy of shooting.

The firearm content on this site is as truthful as we can make it with practical advice and, of course: what we did, missed, tested, perfected, or flat-out ruined to come up with those thoughts.

We enjoy shooting and talking about guns and will do our best as enthusiasts to give you the best picture we can about the firearms we handle and feature on this site. That said please keep in mind that in the end we are only a couple of boys in Texas and don’t have the entirety of the world of firearm lore and knowledge between us. So if you hear something that isn’t right or that you think we got wrong, please let us know, we welcome feedback.


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P.S. Should you happen to identify as a sporting clay, the content on this website will seem very aggressive at times.