Cast 116: Weatherby Sorix

Weatherby makes a big splash in the waterfowl vertical in 2024 with the Sorix. It goes right after the segment leaders and makes a good showing while doing it. We are impressed and can’t wait to get our hands on one.

Cast 115: Han Solo’s Blaster

Join us for a cast filled with the childhood of boys everywhere in the form of Han Solo’s blaster – that really works! We’re not kidding this thing is awesome and for way more money than you might want to spend you can have one too!

Cast 114: Catch up On The Guns Of 2024

A lot is going on in the last bit for us here at Hawks Eye Guns. Sean has four new additions to his collection and a new piece of sweet gear to boot! He is very excited about it all. He is less stoked for the apology he has to make this cast. 

Cast 113: Remington 105 CTi

Kicking off Jake’s new format we begin with the tragic tale of Remington’s 105 CTi. It’s terrible, hard to find, and funny-looking so of course Sean is obsessed with it. Then in better form, we talk about more desirable guns that are equally discontinued.

Cast 112: Sig p238 & Guns of Wick

So we settle in for over an hour and a half of gun talk this time on the cast. Okay, not entirely an hour and a half. We did drift a bit talking about Halle Berry and her dogs in JW3 and then to dogs but we had a strong start with a solid hour…

Cast 111: Dura-Blue & Cheaper Prices on Firearms

There was a flurry of activity for Jake and I with the cooler weather. Sean went shooting a bunch and fixed up an older gun with Dura-Blue. Jake switched up his HK for the smaller version and we both have seen prices come down on polly-framed, striker-fired rigs. 

Cast 110: New Mexico Gun Suspension

We normally don’t do this in several respects. The first is you will hear this exact same cast on Gentlemen’s Soapbox as well as here as the topics mostly apply to both channels. If you listen to one you’ll hear the show on the other channel this time out. The other abnormal thing is we…

Cast 109: We Handle Some New Guns

We test out a few new guns this week. In Jake’s case one that has been sitting in the safe for a year and he finally gets to shoot and Sean meets the new Cheetah 80x at a range. It is an interesting time but be warned the Yc9 has finally been released and both…

Cast 107: Buckmark Fun

We cover a wide range of topics this week on the show. From A pair of new’ish Buckmarks to an HK 22L that seems to run clean as a whistle we cover a lot of bases this week. 

Cast 106: John Wick 4 After Action Review

We had to go see JW4 and after we saw it we had to talk about it! Any fan of gun-fu and firearms would have to agree with this. So we did and here it is. This isn’t our standard cast so prepare for some movie geeking out on this one!

Cast 105: We Got a Henry Homesteader

It’s quite a thing when you get something you saw at Shot Show a few months ago sitting in your hand but that’s exactly what happened in this case. Yep, we got a Henry Homesteader and we are stoked about it!

Cast 104: Jake Has 22 Envy

We take a look and what Jake wants next and why then talk about the newest editions of what’s coming to the 23/24 shelves soon.

Cast 103: CZ1012 & The Guns of John Wick 4

We start off geeking out about the bevy of screen grabs from the John Wick 4 trailer and the guns he’s got his hands on this time out. Then we roll into Sean’s new member of the family in the form of the very popular CZ1012!

Podcast 102: 2023’s New Firearms

We take a look at the new goodies presented at Shot Show this year and sound off on how we think they will be received and which ones we think we may just have to get a hold of when they hit shelves later this year. Then Jake tears a hole in Sean’s calm with…

Podcast 101: Shot Show Season

We swing into Shot Show season here in 2023 and brace for all the things we probably won’t be getting until 2024! We also get some follow-ups on emails and Sean gets to go shooting after a month of waiting.

Podcast 100: Listener Letters

For the first very time, we get to answer and chat about questions you’ve asked us! That’s right, our email is open, you guys asked – and we answer. That’s how it works this time out on the show!

Podcast 99: Chiappa Rhino & Other Fun Times

We had some extra audio for the last few casts that I strung together along with some outtakes and just me and Jake messing around so I bundled them together and punched out a cast for you guys. Happy Holidays and we’ll see you in 2023!

Podcast 98: Selecting a Concealed Carry

We get a great question from you guys about selecting your concealed carry option on today’s show then spend a good deal of time talking about what decisions you need to make and how to make them along with what we carry and how we came to that choice. Join us for a completely great…

Podcast 97: Hunting with Henry

Sean put the Henry .44mag lever action carbine to use recently (or tried to) and let us know how it went and what went down. 

Podcast 96: Stoeger P3000

This week Jake returns as our duo talks about the Stoeger P3000 pump action twelve gauge and how it stacks up to expectations and other less expensive entry-level guns. 

Podcast 95: Remington 870 Updated

There’s a lot going on in the marketplace today with the Remington 870. Both old and new versions of it are finding their place and that spot is evolving. Today Sean goes over some of the things that means and how he’s adjusted his 870 to the task ahead of it. 

Podcast 94: Remington 10

This time out on Hawk’s Eye Sean manages to get his hands on a piece of Remington history and can’t wait to tell you about it! 

Podcast 93: Taurus G3c

Sean gets a G3c on the cheap and is surprised at how good it really is. Jake lusts after things he can’t have and the boys discuss whats going on with current trends in the market. Join us!

Podcast 92: New Rules

Sean and Jake take a look at the current state of the rules and what we think is happening and what needs to happen with 2A-related issues in the days ahead. Join us!

Podcast 91: Glock 19 Conversion

Podcast 91: This time on the cast Sean completes his Glock 19 conversion kit and Jake only has one Sig p365 left! We also get into old trucks, Henry recalls, and cheap optics today on the show – join us!

Podcast 90: Shooting is Fun

We go back to a core principle of why the cast was started in the first place this time out and talk about target shooting and sport shooting is fun – how did we lose that? Also, Sean fires a unicorn Jake has been drooling over. Join us!

Podcast 89: Gun Flips and Ammunition Prices

This week on the show Sean gives the rundown on Jake’s recently transferred p30sk, Jake sells a gun and gets a job offer and we chat about current ammo prices. 

Podcast 88: Beretta Cheetah

Sean finally lands a Beretta Cheetah and is over the moon about it! Then Jake comes up with a brainchild and swaps the 92fs Sean has for the p30sk and everybody is getting something new. It’s a good week here at Hawk’s Eye.

Podcast 87: Family Outing

Sean takes the family out to do some target shooting and winds up selling his mom a shotgun – it was a weird day. Meanwhile Jake is waiting for the next thing he has to have in order to sell Sean his p30sk. 

Podcast 85: Gun Stories

Jake and Sean talk a bit about their current favorites and current trends in the market. 

Ithaca’s of Yesterday

I have a particular weakness for old shotguns. Not just because I find them beautiful, I do, but I also feel the need to rescue every one of them I come across. It is even more so in the case of old Ithaca’s. Admittedly it’s not that they are particularly valuable, two of the three…

Podcast 84: Mossberg 940 Pro

We get our hands on a Mossberg 940 Pro today on the show. It’s a leap forward in shotgun design and the guys talk about what that actually means in real-world terms for you the shooter. We also chat about the continuing story of the SDS Imports warranty issue. Join us!

Podcast 83: HK P30 And The p365 380

Jake gets his hands on an HK P30 and is a little giddy about it. We talk about Sig’s release of the p365 380. Then we learn that SDS ghosts Sean and take a look at Challenger brand shotgun shells. It’s a busy week!

Seward Leather

I have a favorite knife. It’s a simple enough statement but one that proved to be a little annoying for me of late. My knife is one that 3 people had their hands in making. Here’s the deal, in my hometown my father lived next to a blacksmith, Paul. He loved making blades and metal…

Podcast 82: SDS AR-T02 Barrel of the Bulge

Sean’s SDS Imports AR-T02’s barrel bulges and blows the choke out of itself on week two. We aren’t sure what to think on that one but it’s an interesting story for sure. We also go over some rigs we are looking for and what we’ve got left in the collection and what we don’t. Join…

Podcast 81: 2022 Shot Show

This week we cover the latest we’ve seen from Shot Show 2022 and the products that piqued our interest. Sean gets a new budget firearm and seems to be quite enamored with it. However, without a single doubt in our mind, the darling of our eye fell upon a single entry into the 2022 lineup…

Podcast 80: New Firearms and Hot Rounds

This time out on Hawk’s Eye Guns we cover new firearms coming to markets with the new shot show and Jake wonders how successful the new 30 Super Carry caliber will be. Join us as we geek out about what’s about to hit the market!

Podcast 79: The Start of 2022 in Guns

Jake and Sean go over recent purchases (Jake), what they are lusting over (Sean), and some new additions rolling off the lines. They cover some modern trends in firearms and ammo availability in the new year join us!

Podcast 78: New 2022 Guns To Market

Sean recounts his trip to the local big-box store on Black Friday weekend and what a mistake that was followed by some highlights of the upcoming year in firearm design and releases. Join us!

Podcast 77: Ithaca Model 37

Podcast 77: Sean finally caught his white whale in the form of a 1959 Ithaca Model 37R. It’s beautiful it is vintage and has a wicked-looking stock on it. We aren’t sure why he loves Ithaca guns so much but perhaps now he’ll quit itching like an addict and switch to something else… but we…

Podcast 76: Felt Recoil and Shopping

Podcast 76: This week we go over what felt recoil is and how to figure out what’s right for you. Jake went shooting this week and has some thoughts on sights and rifle ammunition. Join us for almost two hours of talk about firearms!

Podcast 75: Beretta A300 Ultima

This week Sean had a relapse and made another purchase. This time he got his hands on an A300 Ultima but had to let another one go in order to make the trade. Jake and Sean talk cowboy guns and oddly enough Browning Hi-Power’s. 

Podcast 74: Benelli Nova

Podcast 74: This week on the cast, we check out the Benelli Nova up close and personal and see if this all-black field gun lives up to both its brand and the hype heaped upon it. Join us as we talk about this and the guns coming next!

Podcast 73: Constitutional Carry and Me

Podcast 73: This time out on the show we cover the new (to him) shotgun Sean is getting. We chat about the fact Jake has remained strong, then tackle why it is that Texas is even still standing considering they now have constitutional carry now in effect. 

Podcast 72: Shotgun chokes, slugs, and how they work

Podcast 72: This week upon a listener request – we cover shotgun chokes: what they do, how they work, can you fire slugs through them, and what to expect when you do. We also go over what Jake and Sean want next and how they came to that decision. 

Podcast 71: CZ‘s New Micro the P-10m

CZ releases its newest edition the P10m that Sean thinks isn’t very micro at all. The 51 featherlight repairs for other folks seem to keep happening and Sean wants a Cheetah. 

Podcast 70: Kimber R7 Mako

Podcast 70: Kimber has released their new “mirco” 9mm that is huge for a micro and exactly the same dimensions as a sub-compact. It is completely not a Glock clone as we suspected but something else entirely. Also Jake’s Walther PDP came in and he loves it and Sean wants to be The Man With…

Podcast 69: Jake Changes Up Into A Walther PDP

Podcast 69: Remember when we said that we were going to lay off buying new rigs for a while? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Sean finished his rifle build and got a Ruger Security-9 Compact and Jake went off the rails and sold a few guns then went right into ordering a Walther PDP. Apparently, we…

Podcast 68: Custom Savage Axis Rifle Build

Podcast 68: This week on the show we start out with Jake buying some guns he probably shouldn’t have – then he buys another one he REALLY shouldn’t have. Sean is then saved by a heaping load of shame and we end on the start of an epic Savage Axis rifle build. Join us for…

Podcast 67: What A .44 Lever-Action Is Used For In Texas

Podcast 67: We start off the show with our normal misadventures trying to stumble through today’s active gun market and Sean has a birthday. Then progress to what Sean actually uses a .44 lever-action for and why you might need such a thing where he lives. It’s not typical but when the need arises you…

Podcast 66: Beretta Corrections & Shopping for New Guns

Podcast 66: This week on the cast Sean goes over a bunch of stuff we got wrong on the last cast about the Beretta 92 fs and Beretta M9… sorry, our bad. Then we cover firearms we’d like to get in the near future and have the ever-present ammunition conversation about what’s available in our…

Podcast 65: Beretta 92 FS

Podcast 65: There’s a special thing that happens when folks that have the same sickness get together. You can see it in lots of places in life but in this episode, you can watch as two grown men start swapping firearms like they are baseball cards. It’s funny really how both of your hosts can’t…

Podcast 64: 2nd Hand Henry’s and Handguns

Podcast 64: Sean picks up another couple of shotguns, we know, there’s a shocker. Jake picks up a new lead thrower and Sean tries to pick up his old one. Then we cover the surprising quality of the Taurus G3. All that plus Texas is about to be a constitutional carry state. Join us!

Podcast 63: Sig P365 Romeo Zero

Podcast 63: This time out we start out discussing Jake’s new Sig P365 and how he came about needing a second P365 in his life. He also purchased a 9mm S&W Sheild that he is never going to shoot. After he gets all that off his chest we roll into talk about Bwana’s new Henry…

Podcast 62: Bullpup Shotguns

It all started with a conversation about Jake’s new Black Aces semi-auto shotgun. It’s great and he digs it but somehow that then started a 30-minute conversation on bullpup shotguns, what they are and why people like them. We really did try to stay on topic this time, really – it seems to be harder…

Podcast 61: FABARM L4S – Grey Hunter

Podcast 61: This week on the show Sean went a little wild and got a hold of a Fabarm Grey Hunter. He’s got a schoolgirl crush on this thing and doesn’t seem to care who knows it. The good news is Jake is there to walk him through telling the rest of us about it.…

Podcast 60: Ithaca/SKB XL900

Podcast 60: Welcome back to shotguns of the ’70s with Sean! Yeah, we know, he just can’t help himself when he sees an old shotgun in trouble he just keeps tilting at those windmills and trying to save them from the ravages of obscurity. This week we have a particularly interesting example in the form…

Podcast 59: Winchester SX4 Upland Game

Nope that is not a mistake, Sean, did in fact, go buy a second Winchester the following week. He may be a little out of his mind right now but he’s having a great time! Join us as we discuss his sickness and the joy of finding great clay busters! Download the cast

Podcast 58: Winchester SXP Trap

Podcast 58: Greetings one and all, join us for this recorded on Easter morning episode of Hawkseye Guns! This week Sean finds there is birdshot in the stores and is so happy about it he buys a Winchester SXP Trap in 12ga. Jake can’t help himself either and makes a rifle purchase. We are stoked…

Podcast 57: Black Powder?

Podcast 57: This week on the show Sean’s Ithaca model 51 has broken again. No, you aren’t downloading last week’s episode by mistake it really did break again. Then Because of his failure to be able to shoot anything else Jake is looking into shooting black powder guns. Join us for this episode of Hawkseye…

Podcast 56: What is Your Relief Check Chambered In?

Podcast 56: There was a lot going on this week. Still, no bullets hanging around. First, when Sean went to shoot the Ithaca it broke – again. Next, there were a lot of hopeful new gun owners prowling the local shops this last week with fresh cash in hand. Join us for this and more…

Fixing My Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight Shotgun

Almost a year ago to the day I traded some work for an Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight autoloading shotgun. It rapidly became one of, if not my outright favorite, shotgun to bust clays with. It’s soft on the shoulder, with a high comb, a nice ventilated barrel, double beaded sight, and a full barrel choke.…

Podcast 55: Fixing an Oldie but Baddie & New Laws

Podcast 55: This week your intrepid heroes explain stupid things they have done to guns and try and walk through some of the new legislation that is coming our way for firearms in the US. We most likely get none of it right but have a great time doing it! Download the cast

Podcast 54: Ammo and Trade-In’s

Podcast 54: As we continue through what has become the worst ammunition shortage in recent history Jake and Sean gather to chat about it and the other firearm-related activities they’ve been up to in the past month. Join us! Download the cast

Podcast 53: A New Gun Year

Podcast 53: The dog that was 2020 now behind us Jake and Sean look to the future at what 2021 might hold and how things might work moving forward. It may not be perfect but with a little luck, things might look pretty not bad… ish. Download the cast

Podcast 52: Holsters, Handguns, and Henry’s, Oh My!

Podcast 52: This week on the cast we talk about the Urban Carry Lock-Leather holster, Jake deal with a personal crisis as he has run out of Sig’s to buy and Sean begins the process of trying to talk Jake out of his Henry rifle or his Walther PPK. We had a lot of fun…

Podcast 51: Talking Turkey & Mods

Podcast 51: This week on the cast Jake and Sean talk about a very brave or very stupid turkey and the current mods on their various project guns. Download the cast

M-CARBO Pro Trigger Kit for the Savage Axis

The trigger pull on the Savage Axis I recently acquired was a bit on the stiff side. Not horrible mind you but just shy of 6lbs was a bit a little more than I wanted to deal with for target shooting. Since that was the primary reason I bought the rifle I needed an upgrade!…

Podcast 50: Sean’s New Savage Rifle

Podcast 50: Sean spent a bunch of time trying to find a rifle that fit his budget and shooting requirements and he’s pretty pleased with the overall results. It’s modern and sleek and a no-frills affair but he seems to have hit the mark on this one without going through a bunch of false starts.…

11-48 Finished With Some Carving

I really wanted at least one spring-action 12ga shotgun in the stable so the 11-48, Sportsman, Mohawk 48 ‘frankengun’ was a perfect candidate. I couldn’t imagine anyone would want it since the internals all have 11-48 parts the receiver says ‘Sportsman’ and the barrel has Mohawk 48 stamped on it. The thing is, it shoots…

Podcast 49: The ATF Is The Captain Now

In this episode as Jake prepares to go to D.C. during election time he vents a bit about the ATF and who makes the rules as well as both Sean and Jake talking the recent ammo crisis and how folks are dealing with it. Download the cast

Podcast 48: Shooting & Current-Market Gun Pricing

Podcast 48: We talk about our favorite ways to shoot followed by a discussion of the current market pricing and what you might expect should you be in the hot seat looking for a firearm. Download the cast

Podcast 47: Taurus Spectrum & Gun Shows

Podcast 47: This week on the show Sean’s review of his new Taurus Spectrum and the current state of the firearm market at large gun shows in the south.  Download the cast

Podcast 46: Classics and Firearms On The Mend

Podcast 46: After a few weeks of better weather and some tinkering, Sean fixes his 11-48, takes a bunch of guns shooting and acquires a pre-war classic. Jake shoots his 007 special and learns many things about himself and his new pistol.  Download the cast

Podcast 45: He’s Bond, James Bond – sort of

Podcast 45: This week on the cast we cover everything from Jake’s new Walther to what Sean had to do the get the Black Aces lever action 12 gauge back together after the safety spring popped out of it. We also do a compressed coverage of the gun and ammunition blitz going on in the…

Podcast 44: Sean Wants Rifles

This week on the cast Sean has an itch for rifles. Jake of course can’t wait to walk him through it. Also this week Jake wants something pretty and Sean can’t wait to walk him through that. Basically it’s  opposite day and you guys get to listen!  Download the cast

Podcast 43: Jake’s Black Aces Is Coming to Texas

In this rambling show, Sean and Jake cover everything from the Black Aces lever-action shotgun coming to Texas from Jake’s house to shooting clays with aliens. Honestly, we don’t know how that happened either but hey we had a great time and hope you will too! Download the cast

Podcast 42: Weatherby’s and Gun Shows

This week Sean and Jake go over the state of gun shows and what happens when people from all walks of life decide they must have a firearm. Sean Scores a sweet new Weatherby SA-08 and goes shooting with it. Yep, all this and plus Pink shirts and AR’s on this week’s show – join…

Podcast 41: Rifles!

Podcast 41: This week we talk rifles of all kinds and trends going on in the market for those folks buying their first and those who aren’t. Jake continues his lust for a Henry .357 lever action and Sean has an addiction to flipping low-end guns. You know, about par for the course.  Download the…

Podcast 40: Jake’s New Henry .410 Axe Lever Action

Podcast 40: Jake’s Henry lever action finally arrived and he got to shot it this week. Reactions and what he thinks of it plus we talk gun shop stories and buying guns you may or may not need. Plus: reports come back on Jake’s offspring’s shooting experience! Download the cast

Podcast 39: Remington Sportsman 48 / Mohawk 48

Podcast 39: For cast 39 Sean gets a 48. A franken-gun showed up at the local shop and Sean just had to have it. It was old, cheap, beat up and weird – of course, Sean gravitated to it like a moth to a bug zapper. It turned out well and he didn’t pay a…

Podcast 38: Jake’s Daughter Gets A Gun

That’s right, after years of his kid not being interested in shooting he may have cracked the code and gotten something she’s willing to grab a hold of and put lead downrange. We are all excited and can’t wait to hear how it turns out. Download the cast

Podcast 37: Rock Island 1911 & Other Topics

In this cast recorded over two weeks prior, we cover a bunch of topics from handguns like the excellent Rock Island Armory 1911 to the birth of the Hawk’s Eye Guns ‘Tournament of Junk’ we just thought up. It’s a far-ranging cast as far as scope goes and as usual, we don’t stay on topic…

First Time Target Shooting With My Daughters

I am not now nor have I ever been a great shooter. I am not a shooting instructor anywhere for anybody nor have I ever claimed some great skill in sending projectiles downrange with overly reliable accuracy. I’m just a guy who likes to shoot and is pretty passable at busting clays on a good…

Podcast 36: Black Aces Lever Action Shotgun

This week we cover a ton of ground not the least of which is Sean’s lust for Jake’s newest member of his gun cabinet in the form of the Black Aces lever-action shotgun. Sean’s girls get their hands on sixty-year-old bolt action .22’s and while the girls are shooting those Sean runs his project gun…

Gun Rescue: Lakefield Mark II – Part 2

Around seven months ago I started a project gun on a recently acquired Lakefield Mark II, Cal .22 rifle I picked up at a local gun show for a C-note and some change. It was in some rough cosmetic shape and very grungy on the inside. Basically it had been used pretty hard and traded…

Podcast 35: Han Solo’s Mauser c96

Podcast 35: This week Sean and Jake cover a complete range of topics from housebound flame wars on YouTube to the coolest podcast listener on the planet to Han Solo’s c96 Mauser and how Sean is going to purchase/build one of those one day. Yeah, we really stay on topic this cast. Join us for…

Podcast 34: Browning Silver Hunter

Podcast 34: So what happens when the lockdown lets up a little and Sean has some money in his pocket? Well, he goes and buys a new shotgun of course! Though when we say new its more of a new to him type situation, I mean, let’s not get crazy. Then again he did buy…

Podcast 33: The Kids First Time Shooting

Podcast 33: So this week on the show Sean takes his girls out for the first time shooting an actual gun. It goes great and couldn’t have been more perfect. There is a basket of things to worry about when taking kids shooting for the first time but this turned out great and gave Sean…

Podcast 32: Jake & His Many New Taurus

Podcast 32: This week on the cast Jake rolls us through the many wonders of modern Taurus guns and how he has come to own several in a very short amount of time during this time of lockdowns and plague. Download the cast

Podcast 31: Holsters & Hunkering Down

Podcast 31: Sean and Jake are still locked down like the rest of the nation this week and since they tend to ramble on we cut the cast in two and are posting the second half of that chat here. They go over the new holster Sean got from Raw Dog Tactical, hunkering down, and…

Podcast 30: Lock-downs & Mini-14’s

Podcast 30: We couldn’t help it when we’ve got nothing else to do we talk about guns. So for this episode, we have further news on the Corona Gun Rush 2020 and what folks are rushing to and away from when it comes down to purchasing decisions at the wire. Download the cast

Podcast 29: Corona Gun Rush 2020

Podcast 29: This week Jake and Sean break down the Corona Virus Gun Rush of 2020. Jake is out there on the front lines working the counter in a gun shop and Sean is doing the same thing behind the lines. We can’t believe how different the landscape looks in just a very short amount…

Podcast 28: Ithaca of Days Past

It’s another exciting episode of Shotguns of the ’70s with your favorite basement deal shopper this week as Sean picks up another relic with a giant flaw he’s completely stoked about. Jake meets a firearm friend on the street and of course, we end the show talking about everyone’s favorite 9mm. Join us! Download the…

Podcast 27: Handguns and Heavy Barrels

This week on the show we start off a bit political and wind up relaxing with talk of handguns and heavy barrels and Jake’s march to 9mm nirvana with his continuing journey in the land of middle-aged men getting a handgun that lines up just right. Join us!  Download the cast

Podcast 26: Shot Show 2020

Podcast 26: This time on Hawk’s Eye Guns podcast Jake and Sean tackle their favorites from the 2020 Shot Show, talk a bit about Virginia, and hatch a plan to buy a second hand Yeet Cannon… yeah, we don’t why either. Download the cast

Podcast 25: Stormtrooper Gun & Pistols Aplenty

Jake and Sean talk about Sean’s renovated J.C. Higgins Model 20 12ga and how it has turned out. Jake talks pistols and we chat a bit about Sean’s brother’s pistol buying habits. We have a great time and talk guns – as always. As a side note, I have to apologize for the small hiss…

Podcast 24: The Guns of 2019

Jake and Sean go over our last-minute purchases of the 2019 year. In Jake’s case a pair of pistols that he’s been looking forward to for a while and in Sean’s case he’s actually down one… sort of. We look forward to an excellent 2020! Download the cast