Podcast 60: Ithaca/SKB XL900

Podcast 60: Welcome back to shotguns of the ’70s with Sean! Yeah, we know, he just can’t help himself when he sees an old shotgun in trouble he just keeps tilting at those windmills and trying to save them from the ravages of obscurity. This week we have a particularly interesting example in the form of the Ithaca / SKB xl 900. It’s old, broken and Sean simply had to fix it. Join us!

4 thoughts on “Podcast 60: Ithaca/SKB XL900

  • Calvin

    I had one of these guns stolen from me and have been looking to buy a replacement. Would you be willing to sell this one?

    • Sean O'Hara

      Hey Calvin,

      Sell, prolly not. Trade, maybe. Got anything good to swap?


    • I don’t know why it took me so long to see this comment. I don’t think I have any shotguns you’d be interested in for trade. I don’t have much of a collection. If you ever change your mind though and would consider selling, please keep me in mind.

  • I had this very gun also stolen from me at a young age and have been looking for a replacement ever since 30+ years.

    I do have a lot of trade fodder. Please contact me to discuss.


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