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We love to: shoot for sport, collect, rescue, and repair, firearms. Sadly, there are very few places that focus on these simple yet enjoyable things. This site and accompanying podcast were created in answer to combat the scarcity of the joy of shooting.

Latest Podcasts

Cast 110: New Mexico Gun Suspension

We normally don’t do this in several respects. The first is you will hear this exact same cast on Gentlemen’s

Cast 109: We Handle Some New Guns

We test out a few new guns this week. In Jake’s case one that has been sitting in the safe for a year and he finally gets to shoot and Sean meets the new Cheetah 80x at a range. It is an interesting time but be warned the Yc9 has finally been released and both…

Cast 107: Buckmark Fun

We cover a wide range of topics this week on the show. From A pair of new’ish Buckmarks to an HK 22L that seems to run clean as a whistle we cover a lot of bases this week. 

Cast 106: John Wick 4 After Action Review

We had to go see JW4 and after we saw it we had to talk about it! Any fan of gun-fu and firearms would have to agree with this. So we did and here it is. This isn’t our standard cast so prepare for some movie geeking out on this one!

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