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We love to: shoot for sport, collect, rescue, and repair, firearms. Sadly, there are very few places that focus on these simple yet enjoyable things. This site and accompanying podcast were created in answer to combat the scarcity of the joy of shooting.

Latest Podcasts

Cast 105: We Got a Henry Homesteader

It’s quite a thing when you get something you saw at Shot Show a few months ago sitting in your

Cast 104: Jake Has 22 Envy

We take a look and what Jake wants next and why then talk about the newest editions of what’s coming to the 23/24 shelves soon.

Cast 103: CZ1012 & The Guns of John Wick 4

We start off geeking out about the bevy of screen grabs from the John Wick 4 trailer and the guns he’s got his hands on this time out. Then we roll into Sean’s new member of the family in the form of the very popular CZ1012!

Podcast 102: 2023’s New Firearms

We take a look at the new goodies presented at Shot Show this year and sound off on how we think they will be received and which ones we think we may just have to get a hold of when they hit shelves later this year. Then Jake tears a hole in Sean’s calm with…

Podcast 101: Shot Show Season

We swing into Shot Show season here in 2023 and brace for all the things we probably won’t be getting until 2024! We also get some follow-ups on emails and Sean gets to go shooting after a month of waiting.

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