An Introduction: Jake’s New Project

I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with other podcasts and blogs that Sean has created, it appears that Hawkeye Guns will be no different. As a suburban Jew, firearms were not something I grew up with, but something I came to later in life, cause, well… I’m OCD and paranoid.

It all started for me when I read an article which asked the question, “If a disaster happened, could you get home?” Well yeah, that messed with my head. I’m an outside rep for the company that employs me, so it’s possible I could be a 3 to 5-day walk from home if some disaster were to occur.  As I started to make the lists of the supplies that I would need, one of the recommendations was a firearm. As awful as it sounds, there will be a lot of panicky people who want what you have. So I went on an exploration of firearms.

If you find yourself interested in my years-long comedy of errors saga of exploring semiautomatic pistols, you can listen to the letter I sent Sean and Bwana which they read on the podcast. The part that my paranoia didn’t anticipate was, this is actually a hell of a lot of fun. But, with my latest purchase, I have the arsenal my OCD told me I needed. What do I do now? I guess I’ll start building them. If you’re new to the firearm world and are not aware, it is actually quite possible to purchase all the parts and build an AR style firearm. So, with this excessively long explanation, we come to the introduction of a series of blog posts I’ll be contributing to the Hawkseye Guns website.

Considering Sean and Bwana tend to lean towards the restoration of older firearms, I figured I would contribute a series on something a bit more modern. With that said a few notes. This is not going to be a “How To” blog. This will be the first time that I have endeavored to construct something of this nature before. I am by no means an expert. This will simply be a tale of my experiences in picking out parts, deciding on a style, attempting to construct, etc. To those of you who have done this before, prepare to do a decent bit of facepalming and eye rolling. I am going to make stupid mistakes, pick out the wrong part, etc. This is, in fact, the point of the exercise. So, fearless readers, you may expect future posts regarding this project as I plummet forth into my new hobby.

Welcome aboard!


Jake…. From State Farm

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