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Apparently, there are two types of people in the world: those that like Glock polishing and those that don’t. Both camps are strong but what I’ve noticed is the polishing camp are normally happier folk in general. The above image from Customized Creationz is what happens when somebody wants to put a bit of bling in their blacked out handgun. Honestly, guys, I dig it.

There are a few factors that go into wheater or not its right for you to polish all or part of your gun.

  1. Anytime you alter a firearm you have the possibility (albeit small in some cases) to ruin it. You must be okay with this risk.
  2. There are going to be pros and cons with any alteration. Know what those are.
  3. Fingerprints – happen
  4. Fingers slip on the slide – polish does that grip a little harder
  5. Rust – what?

While all of those are things you’ll hear, the main two reasons I see against straight up polishing a Glock are fingerprints and rust. In my book, if you are good bringing a polishing cloth with you or just like a little extra polishing – the fingerprints on shiny steel are hella worth it for the aesthetic. Now rust, that seems to be a boogieman type argument. Its true the polished metal will pick up oxidation faster than the finished surface the weapon came from the factory with. That said, are you going to leave it out in the rain? Are you going to put it in a box for 20 years and not clean it and take care of it? Okay, in that case maybe you should leave it black then. Also, if you’re super worried about it, you could always get it nickel plated and call it a day. Otherwise, I’d say shine it up if you want it looking good.

Another trend is the polishing of the barrel only like the above image. This looks fantastic and it pops a small amount of contrast that won’t sport slipping issues. As for the rust comment, I think my previous reasoning still applies. Take care of your gun and you won’t have issues – but I’ll admit polishing isn’t for everyone.

Customized Creationz [Website]

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  • Kenton Keiner

    I would like a Glock 19 slide polished. What are you charging for this work?


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