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Premier Gun Show: 05.05.18 Lewisville, TX

We brought a few guns to the local Lewisville show this weekend with the aim to ‘thin the herd’ so to speak. I was looking to cull a little Sears model 21 20ga. and Bwana was looking to unload a 12ga. Remington autoloader. I am happy to report we were successful. My little 20ga was sold before we even got in the show and Bwana’s Remington didn’t make it 20 mins. inside before we were both rewarded with a sale.

With some cash in pocket at that point, we started walking the show with an eye on adding to our stash. I almost picked up a Hatfield SGL folding 20ga. but the stock was cracked at the neck and I was a bit too leary. Cruising through the aisles we did stumble upon a drop-dead-gorgeous Blaser custom that was going for about 12k. The tooling and workmanship on it was top notch (pictured above). We talked with the friendly guys at the table that had it on display and even though it was obvious we weren’t going to buy it – we clearly didn’t have that kind of money – they chatted with us about it and we got the rundown on what it was, its heritage and whopping 23k price tag it sported when new. I’d never seen one at this level in person so it was damn cool to see it mixed in with it’s lesser brethren. To my eye, this thing stood out from six feet away.

You just never know what you’re going to come across at a show.

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