Tru-Oil Finish

A glossy finish for your wood stocked rifle or shotgun is often the final touch in repairing or refinishing a gun. Birchwood Casey’s Tru-Oil finish really is the best way to get the finish without any hassle or issues. I’ve finished 6 guns with it so far and it really is just about as versatile and easy to use as people say it is.

Anything from a satin finish to a glossy factory look is possible depending on the buffing and layering you use in your process. We’ll do an in-depth¬†How-To soon but you can cruise Youtube or any number of other websites that use Tru-Oil for the finish coat and see that it woods on projects that range from guitars to guns and each one turns out great. The clincher for me is if you mess up or have to take the finish back down to bare wood or just do a touch-up, Tru-Oil is very forgiving and can be reapplied to fix just about any issue with the finish.

It’s available in almost any store that sells gun supplies and does cost a pretty penny – $8 for a 3 oz. bottle. However, considering that one can get roughly a dozen or more guns finished out of that same 3 oz. bottle it totally¬†seems worth it.

Tru-Oil [Birchwood Casey]


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